dimanche 29 septembre 2013

St Petersburg, Russia, April 2013

I thought I would be able to talk about everything before I got to England, well... This blog is definitely not chronological !

St Petersburg, part 1 - Streets ( & roofs) 

' Part 1', because our trip only lasted three days, but there were three very intense days of walking, laughing, finding our way through the crowd and in the ' metro'. We used couchsurfing for accomodation, which turned out to be great. We did things that I never expected doing in my life, like climbing on the roofs of St Petersburg for sunset, eating sushis in a tiny appartment shared by  two linguists and very welcoming open-minded people and a hipster crazy cat lady ( Don't think I'm kidding, you don't know the whole story), visiting those magnificent churches you can see on travel agencies catalogues, and walking around town by myself in the afternoon, discovering an amazing and hidden part of town while the others were rope jumping ( more on that later haha). 

I'll let you enjoy, and be jealous if you like.. 


Click on it.

Click on it !

A bit less poetic, I know...

On the rooftops..

Subway - For those who can't read Russian ( like, everybody)

Yes, that's him..

This Church in the background, en long en large en travers in Part 2 ;)

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