vendredi 4 octobre 2013

St Petersburg, Russia, April 2013

To each part 1, there is a part 2.. Here it is! ( Lamest introduction in italics ever, I know..)

St Petersburg part 2 - Breathtaking.

'The Church of Our Savior of the Spilled Blood' was one of the reasons why I could not miss this trip to st Petersburg. I had seen it in the list of must-visit places, and since then I could not stop obsessing about seeing this Church for real. Seems silly right? But honestly, I had never seen something that incredible in my travels. The outside was great, but the inside.. Man, I want you to imagine an entire Church covered by Biblic scenes made of colourful mosaic ( or just look at my pictures, it works too).

On day 2, we went to visit the famous and gigantic museum of the Hermitage, which was crowded even though we were there for the opening, but which was absolutely free of charge for students ! * smile*. Well, you sure need an entire day to look at everything precisely, and of course after three or four hours, you can't walk anymore.. But it is worth it, if not for the Art ( which is great btw, you can find amazing pieces from all kinds of eras !) at least for the Russian palace you find yourself in ! It kinda leaves you with a bizarre feeling that this kind of place should not exist while people are starving in the world though ( for God's sakes, who needs a Golden room in a museum, or in a palace for that matter? Anyway..)

Baby Hercules, yaaaaay

I think you've got a hand on your head.

looks just like my living room.

Oh no!

No, Russia is not extravagant.

Found in Lumiland ( lol)
Anyway, still got one more thing on Russia coming, and then it will be all about sweet lovely England, and other stuff. See you later ( alligator, ahhaahahaha. Shh.)

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