vendredi 4 octobre 2013

St Petersburg, Russia, April 2013

Voilà, après je ne vous embête plus avec la Russie, après j'en arrive à maintenant, tout de suite en Angleterre, mais d'abord, d'abord...

Last but not least - St Petersburg, part 3 

One day I was wondering by myself in the streets, I found something called ' Museum of Non-Conformist Art' on my map, and decided to take a look. Well, my instincts were as good as that : I found the perfect place, with drawings and graffitis on the walls, messages of peace and nonsense, but most of all : an entire street and square dedicated to the Beatles... Yes, you can imagine the happiness in my heart. This place is not the kind of Museum we are used to, you have to go through little streets, little rooms in old buildings to find concert venues, a bar for philosophers and artists, studios and galleries of photographies.. It felt like I was somewhere far from Russia, somewhere hidden and magical, something different.

If you somehow want to find the place :

Sorry for quality

En entire room covered in Russian..

Cherchez celui qui n'a rien compris 

Because we all live in a Sous-marin vert, un sous-marin vert, un sous-marin vert.

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